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What does bad data cost your company?

An inability to be proactive, poor decision making, and inefficient personnel are the tip of the iceberg

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Do You Trust What Your Data is Telling You?

We've been doing this for a while now and we see a LOT of data. We can tell you without a doubt that everyone who ships containers over the ocean has bad data. It's late, it's incomplete, it's wrong, and sometimes it just never shows up. In order to plan proactively you have to be able to have timely, accurate data, that you trust. The only way to do that? Is with ClearMetal. 

Costs of Bad Data

  • Way too much buffer stock
  • Stockouts
  • Fire-Drill Penalties
  • Loss in Personnel Productivity

Don't continue to incur these entirely preventable costs. Your data can be better, we can help.