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Solving the Top 3 Problems Facing the Retail Supply Chain

ClearMetal has a new way to solve the top 3 business problems plaguing the retail supply chain. And it starts with solving the “data problem.”

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The Retail Supply Chain has unique challenges that require unique solutions.

Download the ClearMetal for Retail data sheet to see how we help Retailers:
  • Reduce Buffer Stock & Markdowns
  • Reduce Air Freight, D&D and Transportation Expenses
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

While retail sales have never been higher, ETAs for ocean containers have been increasingly less accurate over the past several years. Compound this with static lead-time planning, latent visibility of your inventory in transit and reactive “firefighting” due to delayed deliveries - these problems seem insurmountable.

Solving Retail Supply Chain problems is possible if you start with the data. Once you solve the “data problem”, you can accelerate your speed to market and invest in your omnichannel strategies.